Tomy Dearest
When were you in cast, when did you join, or how long have you been in cast?
I joined cast in June 2013.

What is your favorite part to play?
I have so much fun playing Magenta! I also just started playing Crim.

Which scene is your favorite?
Besides Time Warp, I love Toucha, it's a fun scene to watch and perform.

Which character is your favorite?

Do you have a favorite callback?
During Toucha- the "must be Rubios" joke…

Where are you from?
Mommie- where do divas come from?

What do you do for work or what do you study in school?
I work for one of the largest, most recognizable companies in the world. So, naturally, I'll never tell… In school I studied English, Film, and Fashion Design.

What interests you beside RHPS?
Baking, sewing, shopping, dancing. If Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton were the same person….

What is your favorite non-RHPS movie?
Breakfast at Tiffany's. I'm classy like that.

What is your favorite book or who is your favorite author?
Flowers for Algernon and Valley of the Dolls are tied for my favorite book.

A little more about me.
I am the people's diva.

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