When were you in cast, when did you join, or how long have you been in cast?
i joined Jan 2011 but i have been going to the RHPS since 2006 back in NY.

What is your favorite part to play?
my favorite part to play is crim. right now its the only part im cleared for, but im hoping to clear for magenta this upcomming summer.

Which scene is your favorite?
I LOVE THE TIME WARP, the dancing the craziness hehehe

Which character is your favorite?
my favorite character is probably riff raff. i can relate to the albino issue

Do you have a favorite callback?
hmmm call backs. well i have callbacks that i have known for a very long time but some of them are different depending on the state that im going to the RHPS in. hmmm i think my favorite call back is whose that man all dressed in green. thats not a man thats a gay marine..hoorah semper fi suck me dry

Where are you from?
I am from Long Island NY…one of the greatest states ever cuz we gots all the seasons!!!

What do you do for work or what do you study in school?
I got to UCSD and am currently a physics major theater design minor.

What interests you beside RHPS?
besides rocky i am on a competitive tae kwon do team. I also do MMA and other forms of martial arts. I really like to just be active and go out and do anything. always up for an adventure!!!

What is your favorite non-RHPS movie?
this is a hard one because they are all soo good. but it would have to be a tie between 3. The princess bride ( got to love the classics), 10 things i hate about you ( a good chick flick) and the prestige ( im a suspense junkie)

What is your favorite book or who is your favorite author?
my favorite book is Hello Kitty Must Die, and my favorite author is Eric Larson.

A little more about me.
Hmm well i am very easy chill girl who is up to do almost anything once. most likely more than once. I like to go on adventures and explore the world and if u mess with me though i will kick your ass haha. ( i may be 5'3" but i pack a punch :).) I am very hyper haha so if you ever try to find me among the cast im the very small girl thats always bouncing or on the floor because people like to poke me and watch me squeak and fall. I am just an over all chill person who loves to meet new people so introduce yourself and just have fun with life!

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