Who is this ghoulishy glamourous girl wreaking terror upon the innocent?


How long has San been in cast?
My first show was in 2001. Ive been a regular since October 2004. My first offical show with cast was April 25th 2008.

What's San favorite part to play?
Trixie, but of course. c;

Which scene is San's favorite?
Hot Patootie, Sweet T. & "All this and a Floor Show!"

Which character is San's favorite?
Trixie because everyone loves a stripper and Columbia cause she gets to wear that damn snazzy hat.

Does San have a Favorite callback?
(Frank) "Dont be upset, it was a mercy killing." (callback) Thats what Hilter said about the Jews!
Right after Rocky picks up the sheet from Franks lifeless body, clap and say "I do believe in faries, I do believe in fairies! I do, I do, I do!"

Where is San from?
Oceanside born and raised.

What does San do for work?
Im a Starbucks barista by day, pinup/ fetish model by night.

What interests San beside RHPS?
Modeling and Photography. Art galleries, museums and little coffee shops on rainy days. I adore art. Car shows of the kustom kulture varity. Zombies, lots of zombies and things pertaining to zombies. Rockabilly & Psychobilly culture. Pinup ANYTHING.

What is San's favorite non-RHPS movie?
B-rate Horror movies, All your cult classics, film noir, neo noir and 80's fantasy movies.

A little more about San.
I like girls. A lot. :] Feel free to drop by and say hello to me at one of the shows. Im not-so-secretly a zombie desgiused as an awsome pinup girl. braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains.

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