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At a Crazed Imaginations show (& any shadow cast for that matter) we do callbacks. A lot of callbacks. We encourage our audience to do callbacks with us. It is loud and obnoxious and not always perfectly on time.
See, we care more about the fun and want to make sure YOU are having fun, rather than having everything be polished. It's a whole lot of sluts and assholes through out the ENTIRE movie.
So if you're looking to actually watch this movie that we're all making fun of, be advised! But if you want to dress up, scream cuss words out into a crowded theater and throw toilet paper at your best friend then this is for you!
Our show is intended to be rude, crude, and thoroughly disgusting. We will insult anyone and everyone during our show. Our language wouldn't be considered proper for a drunken sailor. It isn't personal.

La Paloma Theater Shows

  • Showtime is Midnight, but we advise showing up a little early so you can purchase a prop bag and get in line.
  • Street parking available as well as the train lots behind the theater and across the street.
  • Tickets are $9.00 CASH ONLY. There are ATMs available in the 7-11 or mexican food restaurant across the way.

Some of these rules are legal restrictions, some are management edicts and a few are cast requirements. Please respect the wishes of John Law, La Paloma and Crazed Imaginations. We want you to have a good time all the way through the show and we want you to be able to return to the show.

  • Legal issues
    • No smoking (of anything) is allowed in the theater
    • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the theater
    • No nudity is allowed at our show. Please remain street legal even on Lingerie Nights
  • Theater and Crazed Imaginations Rules
    • One must be 18 to participate in the virgin games
    • Do not throw rice, confetti, glitter or anything else that will be difficult to clean up
    • Do not throw anything forward of the second row of seats
    • Be kind to the theater, especially the seats. This is a historic theater

Ken Theater Shows

  • Showtime is Midnight, but we advise showing up a little early so you can purchase a prop bag and get in line.
  • Ken Theater has its own lots behind and across the street, or neighborhood street parking is available
  • Tickets are $8.50. Please plan accordingly.

Crazed Imaginations Requests
* Have a good time.
* Let those around you have a good time. This is a shared experience of chaos.

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