It has become RHPS tradition for the audience to have props for use during the show.

With certain exceptions, we encourage you to be creative about props.

There are a few specific and general restrictions on props allowed at our theater.

  • No rice, confetti, glitter or other tiny and hard to clean up material
  • Only lighters with kill switches are allowed such as BIC disposable lighters
  • No supersoakers or other high volume squirt guns
  • Nothing sticky or difficult to sweep up with a broom

Here is a list of suggested props and their uses. We sell $2 prop bags before the show — * = item not included in the prop bag

Squirt Gun
Make it rain when Brad and Janet leave their car
Hold it over your head with Janet as she sings There's a Light
Light up with the lyric There's a light and extinguish with the lyric darkness
Use them with the Transylvanians throughout the show*
Rubber Glove
Snap with Frank as he creates Rocky Horror*
Blow up before Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me us use for sound effects with Janet*
Toilet Paper
Throw as Dr. Scott bursts through the laboratory wall
As everyone is eating dinner, throw when Frank offers a toast*
Playing Cards
Throw when Frank laments cards for sorrow, cards for pain

Note: Please be careful to avoid throwing anything forward of the second row of seats

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