When were you in cast, when did you join, or how long have you been in cast?
Joined November 27th 2005. Quit November 14 2009

What is your favorite part to play?
Played Rocky a few times. But I was mostly house manager and head of security

Which scene is your favorite?
Riff Tower Scene. It doesn't matter who is playing Riff at the time. Anyone can make that scene look awsome.

Which character is your favorite?
Rules, Rev or S.L.B……… Rocky.

Do you have a favorite callback?
"Fuck the back row!" "…in the DARKNESS!" Please? Pretty please?

Where are you from?
Originally from Coronado then moved up to Orange county for 6 years. Now I live in North Park

What do you do for work or what do you study in school?
I work at the San Diego Rep as a carpenter and I am also on call for lighting at the Rep…

What interests you beside RHPS?
Movies Music Driving Books Video games The internet War And more…

What is your favorite non-RHPS movie?

What is your favorite book or who is your favorite author?
The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

A little more about me.
Hope everyone has a great time

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