2010 Crazed Imaginations New Threads Contest

We here at Crazed Imaginations are very much aware of how crafty you all are. We would like to present you with an opportunity to show us your mad crafting skillz. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to design us a new shirt. We've had a lot of changes in 2010. One of which is we're trying to really step up the "Crazed" part of Crazed Imaginations. So make us something that really plays with the "Crazed Imagination" theme. The Winner will be announced in September and will receive a free shirt with their design on it.

Entry start date: July 1st
Entry Close date: August 15th


  • Must be Original art and done by the person entering.
  • Must be in the color pallete of Red, White and Black
  • Image must contain "crazedimaginations.net"
  • Image must be sent in the form of a .jpg to moc.liamtoh|ttakhtoglil#moc.liamtoh|ttakhtoglil

Contest is open to Cast, Audience and Fans of Crazed Imaginations. Upon "winning" the contest the artist will release rights of the image to Crazed Imaginations. Multiple entries are accepted. Crazed Imaginations reserves the right to add additional places if they see fit. If your art is placed you will be compensated with appropriate merchandise. Please Provide us with the following info along with your entry:

  • Name:
  • Contact number:
  • Address:
  • Email:
  • Shirt size:
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