Other Southern California Casts

Sins O' the Flesh LA
Midnight Insanity Long Beach Cast
Wild and Untamed Things the San Fernando Valley Cast
Too Much Coffee Cast Oxnard
Dark Refrain Pasadena - Formerly Rocky's Horrors

Other Rocky Pages

Cosmo's Factory A really cool site with lots of Rocky History.
Ultimate Links Page Find nearly anything you want.
Anal Retentive Rocky Costume and Makeup hints for RHPS.
The Italiano Fanclub Why? Because they asked us. It's in Italian, though. And Rocky lives 'round the world!
The Official FAQ Page Got a question Rocky Horror? Good chance there is an answer here.

Current Cast Member Pages

MindOracle Tarot with Scott
The House Sketch Comedy Television Show created by Anthony also featuring current cast members Durwood, Kristina and LBJ. Also can be seen on YouTube.
The Home of Wayne All about Wayne.

Alumni Cast Member pages

NGender Consulting Group Computer Geekiness in which Lynn is a partner
Be The Change Personal, Family and Organizational Coaching
dehra dun Rocking and Rolling with Joey at the drums
Smart Pop Books Pop Culture Anthologies including essays by Amy B. on Angel, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Alias, and Farscape.
Academy of Performing Arts Squeak dances at San Diego county's leading performing arts studio.

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