Who are you sir (or madame)?
Jon, also known as jak-a-douche.

When did you start coming to rocky and how long have you been a regular?
My first cast was way back in December 19th 2003( I showed up pretty regularly right away, but I took a couple years off due to work conflicting. Also my first night I had had my wisdom teeth removed so I didn't do Vs on my face or get devirginafied cause I was scared. Although I did bust my stitches that night literally.

Why do you keep coming back?
Its a place where I feel I can be myself and not have to worry about what other people think of me. I also have problems breaking the ice in normal circumstances, but rocky just seems really easy for me for some reason.

Which scene is your favorite?
hot patootie, I really enjoy Eddie, and there is a lot happening on the screen.

Which character is your favorite?
Trixie, who doesn't like girls dancing around and stripping. Also you just asked wich character is my favorite not which character from the movie is so neh.

Do you have a favorite callback?
Marcus did Mumrahs transformation speal from thunder cats, during rocky's reaveal I almost died.

Where are you from?
San Diego, more specifically Bonita, but now I'm living in el cajon housing is much more affordable.

What do you do for work or what do you study in school?
I do security work, I'm looking to do some government work right now for better pay.

What interests you beside RHPS?
RPGs, LARP, internet crap, costuming, steam punk, learning electronics, zombies, computor gaming. All around nerdness.

What is your favorite non-RHPS movie?
bubba hotep geriatric Elvis and geriatric black JFK team up to stop a mummy. Its the perfect hero tale, in my opinion, while showing us that heros can be not just your average joe but in fact even less capable.

What is your favorite book or who is your favorite author?
I haven't been reading as much as I used to, I've read alot of Piers Anthony I like him. Favorite book I'll cheat and choose the new world of darkness book asylum.

A little more about me:?
I'm dating marisha, looking for a job, occasionally dress as a cardinal or a swat team member, I've showed up as The Twilight Zone and a german military officer before, my brain likes to go places that others fear to tread, followed by my mouth speaking them wich can scare people off, but I'm surprisingly nice and gentle.

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