How long have you been in cast?

i've been a reg at c.i. since april 2007. my first show in cast was june 6th 2008.
i left in the beginning of 2010.

Which scene is your favorite?

eddie's entrance. i can't resist greasers.
they are my kryptonite. except, i don't die when they're around.
i act like a love sick harley quinn.

[oh shit, did i just make 2 dc comics references? you bet your sweet nerdy ass i did]

Which character is your favorite?

riff for his uber creepy alien-esque charm.
and eddie, well… he's hot. technically cold, but you get the point.

Do you have a favorite callback?

callback: what do irish bees make?
frank: oh honey!

frank: how did it happen?! [directed at riff]
callback: beats me, but i have a hunch! oh puns, how i love 'em!

callback: where do you keep your jews?
song: burning in the fireplace!

callback: 42! 69! 37! … in a row?!
i didn't get it before, but it's a clerks joke. heh. blonde ambition right there.

Where are you from?

san diego originally. ex navy brat, so in tierrasanta. if you know where that is.

as of now, i live in temecula.
brad & i should start a club or something.

Besides Rocky, what makes up a Holly cocktail?

classic cars, pin-ups, elvis, frankenstein, zombies, horror, steampunk, history, drum corps, doodling, painting, photography, piercings, tattoos, fashion, sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, disneyland, pirates, coconut rum, swisher sweets, and also your mom.

What is your favorite non-RHPS movie?

edward scissorhands, star wars, kevin smith's jersey saga, serenity, moulin rouge, timeline, a knight's tale, peter pan ['53 & '03], the little mermaid, hook, grindhouse, young frankenstien, elizabethtown, shaun of the dead, cry-baby, the outsiders

What is your favorite book or who is your favorite author?

i loved everything j.r.r. tolkien wrote about middle earth.
others include: j.m. barrie, f. scott fitzgerald, j.k. rowling, grimm brothers, e.a. poe, dan brown, & dr. seuss was a genius.

A little more about me:

i have uber blonde super powers! but i digress… it's pretty well known my hetero life mate dani is the silent bob to my jay. bryan has described me as a real life version of a john water's character. if i'm enebriated, it's quite possible i'll hit on you, and your girlfriend. also, i'm the dirtiest 'lil mormon girl you'll ever meet.

aim: noloveforblondie
deviant art

just tell me who you are when you add me.

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