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Our next Ken Cinema show is scheduled for February 16th Come join the fun!!

This shows going to be amazing it will be March 29th. (that's also "Good Friday") This show is going to be awesome!!!
Make your plans now for a great show and a great night. :)

Here's some fun for those who don't kwow all the Chuck Norris jokes out there.
I'll start it off.
Have fun folks :)

1. Chuck Norris is so fast he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.
2. Chuck Norris can kill to stones with one bird.
3. Chuck Norris can squeeze apple juice out of a banana.
4. Chuck Norris takes steroids but only so that his balls will fit in his pants.
6. Every exit in Chuck Norris's office building is an emergency exit.

what you got?

Chuck Norris by crazed-cosmocrazed-cosmo, 24 Jan 2013 09:06

Hey Rocky fans!!! We are very excited about this year and hope you are too. We are planning lots of fun shows and surprises along the way.
We will be having special shows for all the months that have 5 Friday's in them as well as 2 Friday the 13th shows this year.
We will are planning special shows for both La Paloma Theater and The Ken Cinema so be sure to check us out at both locations and of coarse we will be Rocking the house on Halloween weekend as always!!!
We love Rocky and we love all of the CI fans out there. Don't be afraid to come up and talk to us before or after the show.
Some of our plans include bringing back trivia questions and prizes, new pre-show numbers, as well as some new and interesting virgin games.
So let's have a great year and let the party begin! :)

Our hero Richard O'Brien announced that he was engaged this past week. Way to go Richard!!! :)
here is a link on an article written about it for you to read if you like:

This weekend is going to be a fantastic weekend.
We have 2 different shows. First we have our Lingerie show at La Paloma Theater. Then we return to San Diego to the Ken Cinema for another amazing Lingerie night show there as well.
That mean's we will partying hard all weekend long and so can you!!!
We can't wait to see what everyone will be wearing this weekend. You will have twice as many chances to win so come up with your best lingerie and rock our socks off.
It's going to be a great Rocky weekend. :)

On Amber ;D
I first noticed her when I was at the Ken show in July and went back for the Ken show in August and her performance as Trixie just sealed the deal. She's absolutely stunning and a joy to watch, I live in LA and will make the trip down to San diego monthly for this particular show, not just for rocky horror, but to catch a glimpse of her as well!

they will be posted sometime over the weekend.

Im sure theyre on one of the memory cards, it was a very busy weekend and they probably were just over looked.

From the Ken show in July (pride weekend)?!
my sister and I check back all the time and for some reason that's the only page that isnt up?
any info??

You could do:
Hair Metal Bands
star trek
video games

Repo! the genetic opera
little shop of horrors
joss whedon (i.e. buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, firefly etc.)

Jim Henson night! Muppets, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal and Mirrormask costumes :D

it came from the internet!

I liked Hawaiian night a lot, maybe another one that party city has a lot of things for.
rock and roll
super hero
sesame street

Er well I don't know if this would count as spam so I'm posting on here (>_<);; I just thought the people from here would also enjoy The Bondage Ball that is coming up in L.A. I've been trying to get some familiar people to come with me well I hope this doesn't count as spam and people are interested.

Re: Screw you, spammers by LaiKiraLaiKira, 31 May 2012 03:25

Please post suggestions for our next 5th Friday theme night here!

It has come to our attention that our audience members were treated very poorly at Denny's on the night of 3/11/12.
They were told that because they only order things that are only $3 (allegedly) that they are less important. They weren't allowed to seat themselves, and after 40 minutes, still weren't shown to a table.
This was a rogue manager, Greg Raunch, who says that "Rocky's run of the place is over."

I say, "Fuck that Denny's" and suggest that we don't go there anymore.
(Paraphrased from Durwood, with "additions.")

Anyone have any thoughts, of where to eat and hang after Rocky?

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