When were you in cast, when did you join, or how long have you been in cast?

My first show was January 18, 2014.

What is your favorite part to play?

I haven't played anyone yet but I can't wait to play Rocky.

Which scene is your favorite?

My favorite scene is Eddie's scene.

Which character is your favorite?

My favorite character is Columbia

Do you have a favorite callback?

My favorite callback is the windshield wiper drug test

Where are you from?

I hail from the bustling metropolis that is northern Idaho and moved to Carlsbad when I was 13.

What do you do for work or what do you study in school?

I work at a cupcake shop in Carlsbad and am striving to get a LGBT Studies major.

What interests you beside RHPS?

Ask me!

What is your favorite non-RHPS movie?

I really enjoy every movie besides horror and if I had to pick one it would be Her.

What is your favorite book or who is your favorite author?

Anything you read in high school but my favorite would be The Scarlet Letter.

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